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self portrait of livvy eden. Part of the project child of the river

Livvy Eden is a visual artist and photographer based in London and Wiltshire, UK.


Her books and pictures are centred on memory, place and belonging, often framed by her interests in ecology and spirituality. Eden is interested in how a place can shape an individual and how it can possess you in its absence. She seeks to construct and question her understanding of “home” by creating threads between herself and her environment.


Working with alternative analogue techniques has introduced a physical relationship with her surrounding environments, bringing herself into contact with natural materials and the land. Eden pushes sustainable methods within her practice, often using alternative solutions in the darkroom and natural materials within her printmaking and bookmaking. 


Her interests also surround curation, virtual spaces, gallery work and installation art.

Eden has been shortlisted for the South West Graduate Photography Prize 2023.


She has also been awarded the Silver status in the AOP Student Awards 2023. 

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