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VEILS (2023-23)


Through "Veils", Eden depicts her multi-layered search for solace within the natural spaces around her. This collection of digital photographs, darkroom prints and sculptural forms allude to healing wounds of recent loss and the aftermath of grief. Through photographic investigation, Eden applies permanence to the places that make her feel connected to something larger than herself.


Drawing together ecology, spirituality and place, she seeks to portray a relationship between physical interaction with the land and the internal self. Darkroom prints, shells and seaweed were continuously dipped in seawater and air-dried to form thin coats of salt on their surfaces. 


This slow and meditative engagement created delicate sculptures, a representation of a place. This ritualistic, and very physical production of imagery became a form of escapism and complete immersion.

This project is presented through the objects and a newsprint book.

Veils © Livvy Eden Photography
Veils © Livvy Eden Photography

Installation of "Veils".
"In Passing" Exhibition in the IOP Gallery, Falmouth 2023

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